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Buy Gold In Atlanta Ga PORTABLE

Auston Gold, founded by a coin collector with more than 30 years of experience, buys and sells rare coins, gold, and silver. They offer want list fulfillment, appraisals, and coin collection liquidation services. They buy and sell gold and silver bullion, silver dollars, proof and mint sets, key and semi key collector coins, PCGS and NGC graded coins, and paper currency. Auston Gold is an NGC authorized dealer and a life member of the American Numismatic Association.

buy gold in atlanta ga

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers deals in gold and silver bullion, as well as numismatic collectibles. Buy prices for most common bullion coins and rounds are published on their website. This family owned and operated business has an expansive inventory of coins. A partial inventory is available online, though the focus online is on bullion, and their full stock of rare coins and numismatic collectibles is only available at their coin shop. Atlanta Gold and Coin carries a wide range of American Eagle and foreign government-issued gold and silver bullion. They also stock Pamp Suisse and generic gold bars, U.S. silver dollars, Engelhard and Johnson Matthey silver bars, and much more.

ATL Gold Buyers has been in business for over 35 years and has been at the same Buckhead location in Atlanta since 1995. We buy and sell estate jewelry, Rolex, Omega and other fine watches, gold and silver coins, platinum, Sterling silver, and even broken or scrap gold. We have established a relationship with the premier refiner in the country which allows us to pay the top price in the industry for your precious metals. In fact, many other dealers with signs reading "We Buy Gold" resell the gold they buy to us. Over 90% of our business comes from satisfied customer referrals, and they can agree that we have the highest payouts in Atlanta!

By coming to ATL Gold Buyers directly, you cut out the middleman and receive more cash for your gold! Before you sell to someone else, come to us first and get the best price. We pay the most and will beat any other offers.

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is a full service coin and bullion dealer specializing in buying, selling and appraising gold, silver, platinum, old and rare coins. Based in metro Atlanta, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is a family owned and operated business.

Hancock & Harwell purchases, sells, and appraises investment portfolios and collections of rare United States gold, silver, and copper coins. They work with collectors and investors to assemble portfolios and collections of high quality U.S. gold, silver and copper type coins as well as gold coins minted at the Dahlonega, Georgia and the Charlotte, North Carolina mints. Hancock & Harwell's also buys and sells gold bullion, silver bullion, and platinum bullion coins and bars.

Peachtree Gold Exchange has been a Metro Atlanta gold and diamond buyer since 2002. They are your source for instant cash when you want to sell gold and silver jewelry, coins, bullion or other precious metals. As authentic gold buyers, their specialists are prepared to appraise your valuables and determine an accurate value with an instant, no-pressure offer. Learn more about the gold bullion for sale at Peachtree Gold Exchange.

On June 8, 2020, Cofield submitted via email a purchase inquiry to Money Metals Exchange, LLC, a precious metals dealer based in Idaho, for the purchase of gold coins. Purporting to be S.K., while communicating with representatives of Money Metals Exchange, LLC, Cofield agreed to purchase 6,106 American Gold Eagle one-ounce coins for the price of $10,998,859.92. That same day, a female co-conspirator claiming to be calling on behalf of her husband contacted a Charles Schwab customer service representative and inquired about the verification procedures to initiate a wire transfer.

On June 13, 2020, Cofield hired a private security company to transport the purchased gold coins from Boise, Idaho, to Atlanta, Georgia, by chartered private plane. On June 16, 2020, the private security team landed at the Atlanta Signature Airport and met with co-defendant Eldridge Maurice Bennett. Bennett presented a false identification document to the private security team and took possession of the gold coins.

Our family first began trading in rarities in 1853. We are a family owned company that specializes in buying and selling rare coins & currency, although we have also built a strong reputation in the Gold and Silver Buying Industry for striving to offer the best rates when buying scrap gold and sterling silver flatware and jewelry. We Buy Rolex, Scrap Gold & Diamonds in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth & throughout the greater Atlanta area.

Did my research beforehand, knew what I had to the exact dollar. Pettina was a great help, personable, and top notch. I got almost market price for my gold and silver and will be going to the gold atm solely from now on.

If you are looking for something different than traditional silver braces, gold braces may be a good option. Smile Studios Orthodontics operates out of three convenient locations in Fairburn, Lovejoy and Powder Springs, where we offer gold braces and other orthodontic services to residents of Marietta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas of Georgia.

Gold braces are a form of traditional metal braces. They involve all of the same parts, and are also made out of stainless steel. However, gold braces are stainless steel coated in a gold color. This gives patients the option of customizing their braces treatment to enjoy a more stylish color.

To learn more about gold braces, contact us today. Smile Studios Orthodontics offers gold braces and other braces treatments to residents of Marietta, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas of north Georgia. We offer these treatments from our locations in Lovejoy, Fairburn, and Powder Springs.

Designed by Willoughby J. Edbrooke and Franklin P. Burnham in a style described as "Neo- Classical-Renaissance Revival," the classical lines and massive scale of the building appropriately reflect the seriousness of the work that goes on within. Built on one of the higher points of the city, the gold domed capitol is a visual landmark in the southern part of the downtown business district, and is the focal point of the state government complex.

Very few alterations have been made to the exterior, with one major exception. In 1959, the citizens of Lumpkin County donated enough gold to the state to gild the dome and lantern of the Capitol. The gold was carried to Atlanta by wagon train and applied by Italian artisans. This entire process was repeated in 1981 after the leafing showed signs of deterioration.

On August 4, 1958, a caravan of seven mule-drawn covered wagons left Dahlonega with the gold. Following the three-day trip to Atlanta, during which time the wagon train averaged about three miles an hour, the gold was presented to Governor Marvin Griffin in a ceremony on the steps of the capitol. Thereafter, the gold was sent to Philadelphia, where it was milled into gold leaf 1/5,000th of an inch thick, or about the thickness of a piece of tinfoil used to wrap chewing gum.

The gold was expected to last thirty or forty years. Unfortunately, the gold was applied during the winter months, and the engineers were unaware that gold leaf does not bond properly when it is applied during cold weather. The thinness of the gold leaf also made it susceptible to wearing away from oxidation and weather.

Only ten other states have capitol domes covered with gold leaf: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Of these, the gilded domes of Iowa and Georgia are the largest.

Georgia's gold-domed state capitol, built on a hill in downtown Atlanta, was completed in 1889. At approximately 272 feet from the ground floor, the building was the tallest in the city at the time of its construction and today is the third tallest capitol in the South.

Residents of Dahlonega and Lumpkin County, the site of Georgia's gold rush in 1829, donated twenty ounces of gold in 1958 to cover the state capitol dome in Atlanta. The dome was regilded about twenty years later and today is maintained on an ongoing basis.

With the passion to serve the South Asian community with the highest standards of quality, design and innovation in gold jewelry, in 1995, the Bhindi family expanded their reach to Atlanta, Georgia with a huge gold and diamond jewelry store.

From its early years trading primarily in gold jewelry, to custom-designed diamond pieces, and now to high-end timepieces, the Bhindi brand has undergone an evolution of luxury making it a one-stop shop for all clients looking for a truly upscale and intimate retail experience.

Lear Capital have been America's Precious Metals leader since 1997, and we strive to not only earn your business but to maintain it with superior service. We can help you diversify your portfolio by purchasing bullion, acquiring premium rare coins, or by adding physical gold and silver to your existing IRA account.

What Southern Bullion deals in is bullion as well as rare coins. They are the owners of a refinery and purchase all forms of gold and silver; this includes scrap and jewelry. They also provide an ample selection of rare currency and coins fit for any collector, on any budget. Southern Bullion also carried a variety of silver, gold and platinum bullion; this includes coins that are government minted as well as minted rounds and bars that are privately owned. They are popular for their low, margins and an in-stock selection that is expansive. Throughout the Southeast, you can find seventeen Southern Bullion Coins and Jewelry locations; there is even one in Atlanta.

Founded in 2013, Martin's Coins and Firearms is one of the newer coin shops in Atlanta. Store owner Martin Cookston is backed by over two decades of experience in the numismatic area. In his shop, his passion for coins and firearms is combined. At Martin's Coins and Firearms, you can find rare currency and coins as well as platinum, silver, and gold bullion. 041b061a72


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