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Skachat Draiver D Link Dwa 127

Just bought one myself because it's so cheap I figured I might as well take a punt at it. Got monitor mode working by installing the driver in the first link and the following the instruction in the second link for copying over a file.

skachat draiver d link dwa 127

The one problem I have is that it can't seem to set txpower using either iwconfig or iw. The user who posted the link to getting monitor mode working using that file copy says that set txpower worked for him, but it didn't work in my case. I receive an error stating "SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not permitted".

Output of "iw list" shows that should be able to dial it up to 20dBm and 30dBm for 2.4GHz and 5GHz respectively. The following link suggests that might be due to regulatory domain compliance based on country code that's set and it details a way to mod/change it. I set regulatory domain to BO and tried it again but same result. I'm not trying to set mine above the max stated (also tried 20dBm and 19dBm for kicks) so I think this should work without rebuilding the DB by adding a custom entry.

Actually I bought the tp-link archer t4u v3 suggested from this blog assuming that the adapter will hold realtek-rtl8812AU as its chipset. But unfortunately, the adapter doesn't I think. Different blog suggests different things. Now, I am totally confused about what chipset the adapter belongs, what is its proper driver for kali. Do this chipset this adapter really supports monitor mode & packet injection? Because airmon-ng & iw commands fail to put the adapter in monitor mode saying operation not permitted. But with iwconfig the adapter can be put into monitor mode and work well with airodump-ng though iw dev shows that the adapter is still is managed mode. Again "airgeddon" tells the adapter does not support monitor mode. 041b061a72


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