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Goodman and Gilman The Pharmacological Basic of Therapeutics 13th edition


Section I

General Principles

Section II


22. Local Anesthetics

  • reversible , specific receptor , pore of Na+ channel - nerve และ block การ movement

  • effect ต่อทุกๆ fiber

  • ถ้าใช้กับ nerve trunk - มีผลทั้ง sensory and motor

  • no evidence damage to cell , fibers

  • ตัวแรกที่ใช้ - cocaine , late ศต 19

  • จาก coca shrub

Chemistry and Structure-Activity Relationship
Mechanism of Action
Undesired Effect of Local Anesthetics
Local Anesthetic and Related Agents
Clinical Uses of Local Anesthetics


  1. PDF Goodman and Gilman

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