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The Covid-19 GuideBook

What is the Coronavirus ?

What are different viral strains / variants / clades ?

How we track and name variants - Phylogenic tress

Mutations of interest

N501Y ( Increase infectivity )

E484K ( antibody evasion )

SARS-nCoV-2019 Symptoms and how to manage them


Dry cough

PCR tests

Antibody tests

SARS-cov-2 treatments



Drinking bleaches and disinfectant

Monoclonal antibody treatments


The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine

  • develop at University of Oxford

  • technical name - ChAdOx1

  • ใช้ Adenovirus (ที่ทำให้เกิด common cold) , infect -> Chimpanzees

  • มี genetic modified sequence covid-19 spike protein

  • ฉีด modified adenovirus -> เข้าไปใน chimpanzees cells

  • สร้าง mass - adenovirus virions

How long will the vaccines protect us for ?

Controversy surrounding vaccines


  1. OPDF The Covid-19 GuideBook

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